Concrete construction is in some ways an art form. Just like a painting- it starts with a strong canvas. That’s why before we pour any slab, we prepare its foundation properly. Slab preparation may be the most critical part of concrete construction. Select Concrete can prepare your on-deck or on-grade slab properly, professionally, and – most importantly – the right way the first time.

Why Is Proper Slab Preparation Important?

Concrete is porous, and so very susceptible to moisture damage. As a result, a foundation susceptible to moisture is not acceptable, as it will seep into the concrete and cause cracking.

There’s also the problem of uneven surfaces. Concrete has exceptional compressive strength, meaning it can support large loads pressing on it. But with its low tensile strength, a fluctuating foundation can easily cause it to crack…or worse, fail to the support its load.

Process and Considerations

For building a slab directly on the ground – or on-grade – your structural engineer and architect have likely already found a suitable site. But we still have work to do, which begins with smoothing the ground to ensure an even grade. We then tamp the soil down with an appropriate tool, which differs depending on the slab’s location and size.

The type of soil can make a difference in this process. Clay is notoriously difficult to build on due to its moisture retention, but this can be mitigated with sand or plastic lining.

For on-deck slabs – such as in high-rise buildings – the process is a bit simpler. Slabs sit on metal flooring with grooves in it. The only initial prep work required (aside from rebar and formwork) is to ensure the flooring can support the slab weight.

Why Choose Us?

Select Concrete is a turnkey concrete contractor. That means that while you handle relationships with vendors and your client, we do all the heavy lifting for your concrete job. Concrete purchasing, delivery, and installation is all handled by us, freeing you to focus on the bigger picture.