Even with the best prep work in the world, pouring concrete can still go horribly wrong when not handled properly. Concrete sets (but does not fully cure) within 24 hours, meaning that time is limited to correct mistakes. It pays to do it right the first time.

With twenty years of experience, Select Concrete knows how to place and finish concrete properly.


After the proper prep work, the first step before pouring is determining what type of concrete is needed. This is typically determined by climate and the elements; for instance, concrete subject to a freeze-thaw cycle should be air-entrained, meaning it has air pockets for water to expand. Weight must also be considered.

When it’s time to pour, the truck arrives. What happens next depends on accessibility; the truck can pour directly onto the foundation, whereas a pump truck is generally used for slabs on grade and always used for slabs on deck.  As pouring continues, our workers will spread the concrete around to ensure an even foundation.

Finishing begins with an initial smoothing process, done with a tool called a float that flattens ridges and holes. Power floats are used for larger projects, but corners and edges are almost always done by hand for maximum precision. We may also finish with a broom if the concrete needs to be a non-slip surface.

A final and critical step is the placement of control joints. You may recognize these as the large, straight cracks in sidewalks. Because all concrete will inevitably crack (ideally after a long time), control joints ensure it cracks in a way that maximizes its structural longevity.

Why Choose Us?

With Select Concrete, your commercial concrete project is handled from start to finish. We manage every step of the process, from slab prep to formwork to finishing. Most conveniently of all, we bring our own pouring and placement equipment, meaning you can leave the project in our hands.

When you’re placing and finishing concrete, leave no room for error. Choose Select Concrete.