Formwork is one of the oldest architectural techniques in the world.   Formwork is what brings a building to life and pairs form and function in a unique way.

The process is both art and science. There’s art in the design, in bringing the architect’s conceptual drawings to life. There’s science involved in the careful planning and layout for slabs, walls and columns, beams, and other complex projects. For that delicate balance, you need a commercial concrete contractor you can trust. We can help.


Select Concrete will handle your formwork for slabs – both on-grade and on-deck – as well as your project’s columns, stairs, walls and other features. We generally build formwork on-site, and do not use tilt-up construction; the flexibility of more traditional formwork is preferred for most of our projects.

Formwork begins with a mold to pour the concrete into, typically made of timber or steel. This molding is a project unto itself: it must be carefully designed, reinforced, and provide the concrete a safe environment in which to cure. Complexity is increased for unusual shapes, particularly stairs or curved surfaces.

After the mold is completed, we pour the concrete and let it cure; how long this takes depends on your job site, the complexity of the design, and local regulations. Removing the mold post-cure – also called de-shuttering – is a delicate process. Cracking and sticking are possible if it is removed carelessly.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to technical skill and flexibility, Select Concrete’s turnkey concrete services mean less micromanagement from general contractors. More than just labor, we handle all the details for you: purchasing, transportation, and fabrication.

Formwork can be small from a cost perspective, but has huge implications on the finished product and a skilled and experienced team is needed to do the job properly. Choose an expert: choose Select Concrete.