Select Concrete Construction, LLC, is a North Carolina based general purpose commercial concrete contractor. We provide concrete construction for general contractors across North Carolina, with a particular focus on the Triangle area: Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Our projects include foundations, slabs on grade, slabs on deck, walls and sitework, all done on a turnkey basis.



Concrete Formwork and Walls

Formwork is the mold that gives poured concrete its shape, and is necessary for most slabs. We fabricate all formwork on-site according to your exact specifications. We also handle formwork de-shuttering which is the delicate process of removing the mold after curing is completed.

Concrete Rebar Installation

The value of reinforced concrete, especially in load-bearing applications cannot be overstated. It’s an aspect of the job which requires careful planning, exact placement, specialized tools, and frequent consultation with the structural plans. Select Concrete has extensive experience with rebar fabrication and placement and we understand how to make changes to rebar to adjust to any changes to plans.

Slab preparation

Concrete is a strong material when placed properly, which requires a strong base. Placement on the ground can exacerbate concrete’s porous nature, causing cracking, swelling and other undesirable characteristics. Select Concrete will properly prep your concrete foundation through tamping, smoothing and other procedures, mitigating moisture and weight problems.

Concrete Placement and Finishing

Concrete pouring is simple in theory, but complex in practice: you must be quick, efficient, and skilled to lay it out before it sets.  Select Concrete uses various sized pump trucks for 99% of all slab pours to maximize time that our finishers will have to most effectively complete the slab.


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